Affichons ! Affichons !

Commissioned by
  • the Petit-Ivry community centre
  • Ne Rougissez Pas !
  • Clara Choulet
  • Anais Chappelet

“Affichons ! Affichons !” is a comprehensive project for sceno-graphic creation in public spaces in the Petit Ivry neighbourhood, just outside Paris. We collected textual and contextual materials from our initial sketches, archive images, participatory workshops and quotes from various neighbourhood committee meetings, which we transformed into poster images gave new character to the neighbourhood. 

Throughout the course of the project, we developed a platform presenting the entire initiative and our research with neighbourhood residents.

We performed a careful photographic survey of the area, which we used to create a lexicon specific to the community centre and its surroundings. This language was then employed and adapted in a variety of ways.

The project took shape over time; we had to adjust some components and their time span.

We worked and created nearby the community centre, which sent out a signal and an invitation. We held our workshops in conjunction with major events organised by the centre, in order to build on the existing movement.

Non recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Project duration
  • april to july 2015
  • The Petit-Ivry neighbourhood, Ivry-sur-Seine, France
  • The town of Ivry-sur-Seine
  • General council of 94 department