Commissioned by
  • Private commission
  • YA+K
  • Margaux Vigne (landscaper)
  • Thibault Labat (architect)

Baserack is a prototype for occupying latent spaces during urban renewal projects. Both a boundary and a community area, Baserack provides space for developing activities and uses for these vacant spaces. Ground vegetation is left to grow freely – the structure provides room higher up for a set of uses and activities that could take place during a temporary occupation of unused spaces.

All the functional modules of the adjustable, modular structure, which can vary based on needs and setting, fit onto the shelf of a palette rack.

Its universal linear development system adapts to the terrain and layout of each site. The opacity and transparency of the thick façade can be customised, symbolising the link between the active city and the latent city.

Baserack represents an effective tool for developing temporary urban farming systems. 

Urban areas in a state of transition contain vacant spaces that require temporary occupation strategies.

One of the most promising areas of application is tilling soil and experimental urban farming. Baserack combines tools and architecture, meaning that it can be adjusted to each experimental initiative. 

(This prototype has been redeveloped as part of other projects, in particular the garden at La Plage Arrière in Bagnolet in 2015)

Non recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Cadre budgétaire
  • 30 000 €
Project duration
  • 2013
  • 1 month of production
  • Ivry-sur-Seine, France