Commissioned by
  • the town of Istres
  • Matali Crasset

A beach library in the town of Istres to reach out to the public and spark their curiosity.

Matali Crasset was commissioned to build a beach library at Martiniquette beach in Istres, near Marseille. The travelling library is managed by the municipal library and offers an eclectic, high-quality collection of several dozen works for various audiences. 

“On the outside: alcoves for losing track of time with a book; a comfortable space with a blue “bonnet” to encourage visitors to escape from reality. Spaces that hold out a welcoming hand, to make your own. Just next door is small open library. Extraverted spaces. A different relationship with books is offered inside, out of view, to spend a private moment with the books. There you can receive advice. Introverted spaces.

A project that is open to life on the beach and offers its own customs. A new sort of kiosk is landing on the beach, one that stands proudly and gives knowledge its rightful place, without overtly appearing to do so.”

Matali Crasset

Non recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Cadre budgétaire
  • undisclosed budget
Project duration
  • 2013
  • a year of achievement
  • Istres, France