Commissioned by
  • Political call for projects of the town
  • Fabrication Maison

The Danube neighbourhood in northern Paris is dotted with a wide range of associations with varying purposes, which bring life and energy to the district.  

Despite their efforts, certain associations remain unknown to residents due to a lack of information and/or visibility (certain locations in building courtyards are hidden from view and hard to find).

The city and housing authorities asked Fabrication Maison, which has operated a graphic studio open to the public since 2005, to create a visual identity for the district and signage readily understood by all, in order to direct residents to the activities and resources in their neighbourhood.

The signage was developed during meetings between associations and outreach in public spaces, in cooperation with partners in the Danube-Solidarité neighbourhood: associations, housing authorities, the local development team, residents, residents’ groups, schools, etc.

The signs were produced as part of a group effort with young people from the neighbourhood, in particular via educational initiatives and workshops created as part of the new school hours.

The studio remains open in the district and continues to manipulate forms and typefaces.


Non recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Cadre budgétaire
  • 25 000 €
  • (+ 7000 € educational workshop Extramuros)
Project duration
  • 3 or 4 ans of intervention
  • Rue de la Solidarité, Danube, Paris, France
  • The town of Paris
  • Prefecture of Paris
  • DRAC
  • Paris Habitat OPH
  • Extramuros
  • AJAM
  • R2K