La Maison des Petits

  • Matali Crasset

La Maison des Petits is a children’s centre located in Le Centquatre, a venue for artistic creation and production in Paris.

La Maison des Petits is a community space and a place for art mediation, where visitors can come to learn about artistic practices – resident artists offer activities for children – meet others and listen to what they have to say.

The centre offers a new approach: a space where time stands still that is full of surprises and discoveries.

It’s a place with a clear philosophy based on welcoming, generous possibilities for use that create a very personal aesthetic. The various areas in the centre are designed for children of different ages and levels of self-sufficiency. 

The centre’s sky blue “shell” creates a bright, airy atmosphere, complemented by vibrant swathes of warm colours. The shell forms an artificial garden that stands in contrast with the industrial style of the building. Inside the shell, mushrooms of various sizes form subspaces on a scale suited for children’s activities.   

“It’s also a platform that can be adapted as desired. The vertical pieces can be arranged to host a drawing show, a mini-performance, a reading, etc. The space becomes a setting for interactions with artists and other creative individuals, for unique projects and the spontaneity of La Maison des Petits. And as such, it coincides with the programming at Le Centquatre.”

Le Centquatre and Matali Crasset

Non recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Cadre budgétaire
  • undisclosed budget
Project duration
  • 2009
  • one-year period
  • Le Centquatre, Rue Curial, Paris, France
  • Groupe Logement Français