Le Point Haut

Commissioned by
  • Marie-France Beaufils, for the town of Tour(s) Plus
  • Town hall of Saint-Pierre-des-Corps
  • Chloé Bodart
  • Loïc Julienne
  • Patrick Bouchain (scénographe)
  • Ariane Cohin (permanence architecturale)
  • Léo Hudson (permanence architecturale)
  • Pedro Villegas (économiste et OPC OTEEC 79)
  • Yves Jacquet (bet structure métallique)
  • Éric Charrier (bet fluides)
  • Paulo Dos Santos (bet béton)

Outside the city of Tours in Saint Pierre des Corps, a new neighbourhood is emerging along one of the longest stretches of railway lines in France. A row of non-descript buildings of various shapes and sizes borders the tracks along Rue des Grands Mortier. The buildings house a wide range of activities, mostly businesses. Compagnie Off and pOlau have chosen the area as their home, offering a non-commercial activity that is making a substantial contribution to the dynamic underway in this fast-changing district, whose reach has extended far beyond the borders of the surrounding urban community.   

We deliver unfinished spaces that are up to regulatory standards, comfortable and practical, but completely bare. This is done to conserve the freedom of the space by avoiding overly restrictive fittings, giving users free rein to use the buildings as they see fit. That is how we are able to keep all the initiatives within budget while achieving more than what is expected when strictly adhering to a conventional programme. It’s a form of “sustainable development”, in a sense.

The “coffee shop” is a vital space for meetings and conversations at the site, which could only be moved with ample justification. The first idea: don’t close it at all! Make the existing coffee shop the centre of the work site accommodations for the construction of the new complex, then move it over to its new location to switch the perspective and offer a view of the renovation work on the old hangar from the new accommodations.  

Non recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Cadre budgétaire
  • 3 000 000 € HT
Project duration
  • january 2012 à october 2014
  • Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, Indre-et-Loire, France
  • Maud Le Floch du Polau
  • Philippe Freslon from Compagnie OFF
Participating companies
  • GMB (GO), ACML (metal frame)
  • CHARPENTE CENOMANE (wood frame)
  • SMAC (roof cover)
  • HERVE THERMIQUE (electricity)
  • Compagnie OFF (metal arrangement)