Commissioned by
  • France Alzheimer association and related disorder
  • Isabelle Daëron

Memorama comprises a collection of four objects – a loveseat, a viewer-window, a vanitas sculpture and a bookcase – which, each in its own way, conveys the association’s efforts to support patients and their caretakers, change the way that disease is viewed, and advance the fight against Alzheimer’s. Memorama was commissioned by the France Alzheimer et Maladies Apparentes association in 2015, with the support of design consultant and curator Nawal Bakouri. The terms of the project were established in cooperation with the staff at the association, in order to provide the opportunity for an informed perspective on the fight and the disease. 

Designer Isabelle Daëron, whose previous projects showcased her meticulous designs and broad appeal – and who was clearly very fond of this type of initiative – was selected without competition to produce the commissioned work.

The designer’s emotional vision had to shine through and reach the volunteers and staff working with and for the local associations, as well as people who require more information and need to contact the association.

This need to reach everyone led to the creation of these everyday objects, which together recreate a living room, as France Alzheimer et Maladies Apparentes is a family association, meaning that its members are people who help their loved ones – a spouse, parent, brother or sister – and who themselves need to be helped.

Recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Cadre budgétaire
  • 24 000 €
Project duration
  • 2015
  • 9 months of achievement
  • Nawal Bakouri (founding member)
Participating companies
  • Prototype concept
  • Monde 3D
  • Jean-André Berhault
  • Atmosphère Création