Commissioned by
  • Undertaker L’Autre Rive, Lyon
  • Roxane Andrès

As part of an action research project undertaken with a funeral home, Roxane Andrès established a set of working methods that included a field survey, an analysis of best current practices and the development of several creative concepts.

Andrès established several lines of research related to the increased demand for incineration and related objects, after taking part in meetings with families and conducting interviews to better understand their expectations and the different forms of mourning, as well as drafting a report on new practices and developments in the funeral industry.

This resulted to the creation of a series of urns designed to meet specific needs, which could help lead to the development of new forms of ritualisation that remedy the loss of symbolic values and fulfil a renewed desire for secular ceremony – while taking into account the social and psychological considerations related to mourning.

The mirror urns in blown glass, which have a silver coating, reflect the environment and the people gathered to honour the memory of the deceased person. The mirrored surface of the urn makes the object blend into its environment and symbolises the presence of those who remain, the loved ones of the person who passed away.

Non recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Cadre budgétaire
  • research cost : 2500 €
  • creation cost : 3600 €
  • urn prototyping : 250 €
Project duration
  • 2014
  • 7 months of achievement
  • Lyon, France