le 6b

  • Julien Beller (president)
  • Serge Glissant (treasurer)

Created by a group of artists seeking a place to work, Le 6b is a co-working centre that pools space, resources and people.

Housed in a former industrial building built by Alstom in Saint-Denis, outside Paris, Le 6b offers 7,000 sqm of workshops and shared workspaces for its 170 residents, made of up professionals, associations, and passionate individuals: artists, architects, musicians, filmmakers, graphic designers, creators, social-sector professionals, etc. The residents practise their trade or art in the some one hundred workshops and offices at the site, and take part in the communities in the common areas for creating, spending time together and sharing their work.  

Located in the new Gare-Confluence district, in between intense industrial activity from times past and areas with a fast-changing economic, social and cultural make-up, Le 6b offers a public space for thinking and experiences related to the multiple ways people approach their job, art, life and city. Through collective cultural projects, art exhibitions, work by residents with the local population, and simply providing space for neighbourhood associations, the 6b has firmly established local roots alongside residents, a vital aspect of working together to create vibrant culture and invent urbanity in movement – open to the world and human. 

Non recherche-action plateforme socialdesign
Cadre budgétaire
  • each resident participate to association’s running coast for 11 € per m² / month
Project duration
  • create in june 2011
  • Gare-Confluence district
  • Saint-Denis, France